“The Mathiske Suites represent an amalgam of musical styles from Australia, Europe and South America! The music is fresh, approachable and loved by audiences and musicians alike. Bruce is a master of his instrument and a true musician.”

– Dr Mario Dobernig,
BA(Graz) BMus(Sibelius) MA(HU)
MMus(Sibelius) MMus(Melbourne) PhD(Melbourne)

“The music is electric and exciting, marrying the sounds of the orchestra and guitar perfectly. These pieces are a wonderful addition to the limited Guitar/Orchestra repertoire!”

– Sarah-Grace Williams, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor, The Metropolitan Orchestra

During 2016/2017 Bruce will be staying close to his home in the Hunter Region of NSW and devoting much of his time teaching, mentoring and creating Guitar Ensembles for people of all walks of life. This will be done through schools and also through his own rehearsal space. As Bruce says “the whole world needs music” and it’s a great buzz when a group of like minded people come together and create something

Along with guitar lessons, I will be doing drum lessons. Something which I am new to but very much look forward to being a part of. 

Bruce is excited about 2016 and it is the “project” year. He will be recording an album of Suites for solo guitar and also a second album of Suites for guitar ensembles. The composing for these is complete (he spent most of 2015 doing this) but seeing as they are difficult to play, he plans to practice them during the start of the year and record later in the year

Bruce is also producing an album for a very talented singer/songwriter as well as composing and arranging a “global” album with Australia’s most elite artists.

​More info to come on these soon.

Bruce is an incredible guitar player that uses both his fingers as well as plectrums to play his instrument. To see which Cool Guitar Picks Bruce uses, follow the link.