The Mathiske Suites

THE BEGINNING………..After spending time travelling through South America on a motorbike in search of culture and adventure, I didn’t know at the time what a lasting effect the people, the traditions, the myths and the contrasts from village to city would have on my music. These elements inspired many guitar pieces and also my first orchestral suites.

MOVEMENT I – BOLIVIA – The Miner’s Tale – I was moved by the stories of danger and hardship these miners endure over their short lives. they work down in rugged holes with no more than a pick, shovel and some dynamite.
MOVEMENT II – PERU – The Mystical Land – There are so many unexplained things in our world & Peru has more than it’s fair share, with the intriguing “Nazca Lines” & ‘Machu Picchu” being such wonderful examples. these ancient people know things we can’t even imagine & I love that, but i still want to know more.
MOVEMENT III – SANTIAGO – City Life – I found Santiago to be a unique, vibrant and exuberant place, brimming over with optimism & progress. So much a different energy to the villages but somehow   still connected.